Qualities of a Superb Logo

Have you ever seen a logo that caught your eye and made you do a double take? Chances are that you have. The quality of a logo can mean the difference between someone buying your product or them just walking by it without a second thought. An excellent logo can be recognized just by the silhouette.

One quality of a good logo is that it is easily recognizable. The iconic Mickey Mouse ears are a great example of this. The logo could be filled in with any color, whether it is red and blue or black and white, and any child or adult would know that it’s Mickey Mouse. The reason for a logo to look good no matter the color is because once the client has your logo they can display it however they want to it, even if it means tweaking the colors (Angie Bowen 2009). Even seeing the logo out of context still puts that brand into your head. An easily recognizable logo also fits the companies’ brand. The colors have to feel natural, not clashing with the design. The design itself must be simple yet powerful forever bonding logo and company together.

Another quality of a superb logo is that it is clean and pleasing to the eye. There is no professional logo that looks like it is just a rough draft.  A good logo does not look like a jumbled mess and people would be able to easily recognize your brand. The best logos out there are simple. Facebook for example is just an “F’ in side a blue box, simple yet productive. Graphic Designer Jacob Cass (2009) even says, “A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile & memorable.” The point of a logo is to have something people can picture in their head when they think of your brand. In order to do this the logo must be eye catching. By eye-catching I mean that it draws the eye making the viewer longer than someone who would look at a less appealing logo. Angie Bowen  (2009), on the subject of eye- catching logo, says, “This is a very important part of building up your logo as a successful part of your branding.”

The final quality of a good logo is versatility. A logo must look good no matter how it is displayed. The more places your logo can be displayed, the more people that will see it, greatly improving company association with that logo. It needs to be professional enough to put on any company documents, yet appealing enough to be put on a product or to put in an online advertisement. The videogame company EA, for example, has their logo in a variety of different places. Their television advertisements contain their logo, as does their products. Their logo can also be found on emails sent to customers, their website, and any online advertisements that they run. Part of the reason EA is so recognizable is how their logo translates to any kind of format they need it to be in.

In conclusion an excellent logo is easily recognizable, clean, pleasing to the eye, and versatile. It must also be able to get the point across and be memorable. If your logo has all of these qualities then you have indeed created a logo that will be used for a long while.










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